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    About Us


    Ooh la la brand is a brand that has taken the market by storm, with its offer of imported shoes and prices that are affordable to the modern consumer who wants to get maximum quality for the paid price. Our philosophy is based on a diversity of offer and daring design that offers our buyers an alternative to traditional models and the traditional way of determining prices. Ooh la la assortment comprises more than 1000 articles of women’s, men’s and children’s footware by selected world manufacturers that are required to fulfill high standards of shoes manufacturing in order to be a part of Ooh la la brand. Shoes with the Ooh la la logo are proud of their excellent price-quality relation, because they come from the same factories as shoes of prestigious brands, but with a more affordable price.

    Ooh la la shoes have noted a spinning increase in sales throughout the years, and it already exceeds ONE MILLION PAIRS OF SHOES per year. The main focus of our assortment are women’s shoes. Each season we represent over 100 models of boots, over 100 models of sandals and over 200 models of shoes. Our wide selection ensures that you will always find shoes for you. Our models are always made according to the latest fashion, especially when it comes to urban walking shoes or evening shoes of modern, spritely and youthful design. We are particularly proud of the fact that Ooh la la shoes are a choice of younger generations, who understand modern trends and in a way form them – similar to women at the peak of their business careers, when they are most demanding buyers of footware.

    Also, we offer a great selection of men’s shoes and sneakers of original design – the most popular ones being everyday models that are comfortable and less formal than classic shoes. Ooh la la brand is built on years of experience in shoe sales and true understanding of supply and demand chains, as well as the needs of the modern consumer. Our desire is to gradually start a revolution in the way our buyers comprehend shoe shopping and to educate them so they will choose affordable shoes of good quality.

    We are not merchants, we are the partners you seek!